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Transform your home with our expertise in architecture, false ceiling, 3D wallpaper, modular kitchen, wardrobes, and more.

Crafting dream spaces

Designing Your Lifestyle, Unveiling Your Home with Home Style Interior

Welcome to Home Style Interior, where imagination meets reality. Our expert team transforms spaces with architecture, false ceiling elegance, vibrant painting, 3D wallpaper allure, and modular kitchen sophistication. From tranquil Pooja rooms to sleek wardrobes, TV units that captivate, functional shoe racks, and curated accessories, we redefine living. Elevate your kitchen with top-tier essentials—stylish hobs, efficient chimneys, and sleek sinks. Join us in creating spaces that resonate with your unique lifestyle.

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Our Service

Tailored Elegance Awaits

Home Style Interior Elevate living with our comprehensive services, merging architecture, style, and functionality seamlessly for unparalleled home transformations.


Crafting timeless spaces, merging innovation with functionality for an immersive living experience.

False Ceiling

Elevate interiors with bespoke false ceilings, adding sophistication and aesthetic allure to your living spaces.


Transform spaces with vibrant strokes, creating personalised atmospheres that resonate with your individual style and taste.

3D WallPaper

Immerse in dimensional elegance—bespoke 3D wallpapers adding depth, style, and a touch of avant-garde sophistication.

Interior Expertise

Interior design makes the place spacious

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Elegance Redefined.

Harmony in design

Our latest project intertwines efficiency and style in modular kitchens, fuses sacred traditions with contemporary Pooja spaces, and transforms walls with immersive 3D wallpapers—defining timeless elegance at Cikuya Residence.

Modular Kitchen

Efficient, stylish kitchens are tailored for modern living.

Pooja Hall

Sacred spaces blend tradition with design elements.

3D WallPaper

Walls come alive with immersive, bespoke 3D wallpapers.


Elegant storage solutions seamlessly integrate style and functionality.


Vibrant strokes transform spaces into personalised art canvases.

Cikuya Residence

Exquisite design for a unique and stylish home.

Living Stories

Home Style Interior Designs that embrace life, turning spaces into living stories

"Crafting dreams into reality is where your style finds home. Your Home. "

Why Choose Us

Designs Beyond Compare

Choose us for innovative, tailored interiors, where style meets functionality for an unparalleled living experience.

Expert Craftsmanship

Precision in every detail is where expertise meets artistry.

Innovative Designs

Fusing style with function, creating spaces that inspire awe.

Customised Solutions

Tailored to you, unique interiors reflect your distinct lifestyle.

Exceptional Service

Dedicated to excellence, delivering unmatched quality and satisfaction.

How We Work

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Home Style Interior surpassed expectations, turning our space into a personalised haven of style and comfort. Exceptional craftsmanship!
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Impeccable service! From modular kitchens to 3D wallpapers, every detail resonated with sophistication. Truly transformed our living experience..
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With exquisite wardrobes and an efficient modular kitchen, our home reflects both style and practicality. Home Style Interior truly delivers excellence.


Enhance your home style

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